Does Hair Dryers Affect Your Hair Growth?

There has always been public suspicion surrounding many hair care and growth products. One might recall the old I Love Lucy episode in which Lucy, fed up with Ricky’s obsession over perceived hair loss, creates a remedy for him containing all kinds of exotic ingredients and rough treatment. Yet today, growing hair is an exact science, intense research is ongoing, and new discoveries are made all the time.Hormones and chemicals in the body, genetically programmed, are responsible for much of the world’s struggle with baldness. Many hair growth products work by counteracting the effects of these agents, or at least reducing their presence in the body. For example, hair growth products like Fenugreek Spray and Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo block the enzyme DHT to reduce baldness in users. (More than any other aspect of the body, this enzyme is responsible for male pattern baldness.) Other hair growth products try to stimulate the hair follicles of the scalp into action.

Hair dryers are another product that has been vastly advertized. It is one of the essential tools that most women need to style their hair. It is indeed a useful device, provided it is of better quality. Many cheap hair dryers in India does more damage to your hair than styling it. If you have fine hairs, use hair dryers of advanced technology such as ionic or tourmaline hair dryer. Now days there are tons of different type of hair dryers available. They have been evolved to a great deal in the last decade and choosing the best hair dryer for your need may not be easy. Apart from basic features like power, price and accessories many more factors need to be examined. For high quality hair dryers in India check out this cool website. It has very good reviews on modern and all top brands of hair dryers.

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Need For Health Care Improvements in India

The health care delivery system in India or many Asian countries is more than a crisis. It is a source of national shame and international embarrassment. In spite of expenditures that more than double what most other industrialized nations pay per capita, we are ranked only 37th in the world by the World Health Organization in terms of longevity, infant mortality, fair access, and overall health maintenance. Recent census data show that 70 million Indian remain uninsured, with another 50 million inadequately protected against catastrophic illness. More than a quarter of the uninsured are between the ages of 19 and 29. Three in five personal bankruptcies in this country are the result of medical bills, with 3/4 of these occurring in families who had insurance when illness struck. And, perhaps most shocking, the National Institute of Medicine reports that an estimated 1000k Indians die needlessly each year simply because they can’t afford healthcare or are denied treatment by insurance companies despite living in a wealthy country.

There are many cases where patient who needs to undergo surgery but they cannot afford the cost of surgery. Government hospitals are already overloaded and cannot have the capacity to handle increasing number of patients. India also lacks technology in medical industry. Laparoscopic surgery that uses modern technology to operate through the use of laparoscope and monitor screens are not available in many cities. Laparoscopic surgeons are available in Mumbai, Delhi and other metropolitan countries, but not in adequate quantity. Also laparoscopic surgery cost are high and common man cannot afford. If government hospitals also incorporate advanced technology, many surgeries like cholecystectomy, hernia repair and colon surgery can be performed laparoscopically. Though there are enough laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgeons in Mumbai, but most clinic are not fully equipped with all the necessary equipments required for performing laparoscopic surgery.

Surgeons in Mumbai performing laparoscopic surgeryThe reason for this dismal failure is simple. Under our current for-profit insurance system, more than 30% of all healthcare dollars are wasted on administrative costs (primarily aimed at avoiding insurance payouts), expensive advertising and marketing schemes, excessive corporate salaries, lobbying for legislative protection of the status quo, and stockholder profits. Despite ever-increasing premiums shared by employers and employees alike, 60% of all healthcare spending is currently paid by federal programs, and 20% is paid by individuals through co-pays and deductibles, leaving for-profit insurance companies responsible for only 20% of monies paid out while they collect billions from both business and individual policyholders. Insurance companies are free to avoid covering sick people, to deny coverage based on prior illness, and to earn enormous profits by insuring primarily the young and the healthy, while public programs struggle to care for the old and the sick.

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Learning To Take Care Of Your Kids

There is nothing anything in the world similar to welcoming a new living into your own little space ready only for them. After you have entered into that miraculous new world of an amazing newborn baby or possibly the baby is not yet here but approaching! There are a lot of new thing to think about once you have welcome a newborn angle into the world. This can be quite an irresistible occurrence yet before the baby comes in the world. Think how wonderful this will be after the new baby born! Everyone is beginner at the time of first child but it is great to know that there are a lot of parents who have come ahead of us and who can assist us to make all the significant decisions that we will require to make.

forehead thermometer for babiesBut at times, your baby may not be well or have fever. Many parents experience waking in the middle of the night to find their baby crying and having temperature. When you touch the forehead of your child, it may feel warm. You suspect a fever, but not sure whether to take your baby to doctor. The best thing when you suspect that your babies temperature is higher than usual is to use thermometer to measure the temperature. But with ordinary thermometer its not easy to take temperature as small kids do not allow the thermometer to remain in their mouth or arms for long. You may use new advance thermometers, such as forehead thermometer design to take babies temperature by placing the thermometer on your kid’s forehead, or by holding it in front of the forehead up to 5 cm away. These thermometers uses ultra-sensitive sensor to get fast and precise temperature readings.

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Four Simple Methods To Teach Kids

By rule, kids’ minds can pretty much absorb anything, which means it is easy for them to learn new things. Therefore, teaching kids to read is not as difficult as it sounds. You just have to be creative about it so you get and hold their attention.

Since children have a very short attention span, they will lose interest quickly so you have to remember to keep your reading sessions short as well as fun. Lastly, you have to figure out which teaching method works best.

There are four basic methods that are widely used by schools and parents in teaching kids to read:

The first method is called the Phonics Method. In this method, before you actually start teaching kids how to read, they have to learn the English alphabet first so they get acquainted and familiar with the sound each vowel and/or consonant makes when they have become accustomed to the sounds of each letter, you may then begin to combine two letters together. When they have learned that, you can combine three letters. Use simple words with three letters and have them practice reading those words. You can then advance to four-letter words, then to five-letter words and so on.

The second method is the Look-and-Say Method. This is more of a visual technique rather than an audio one. With this method, you don’t have to teach your kids the letter sounds. What you do is you match a word with its corresponding physical form or a representation like a photo or a drawing. You will have to teach the kids how you say the word and then show them a visual representation of the word. For example, if you are trying to teach them the word dog, show them a picture of a dog. Without the visual representation, this method will not be as effective. You can use this method to teach your kids simple sentences as well.

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Why Become a Good Teacher

Teachers are the influences, who teach students how to learn subjects like science, mathematics, social studies, art and music with the intent of providing a well-balanced awareness about the world around us. Teachers help students understand the concepts and how those concepts are applied in life, starting from preschools, elementary and middle schools.

Some teachers make a career of public or private teaching, while others specialize in other areas of education.

Career opportunities for teachers gaining experience lead them to become school administrators or guidance counselors with additional training, some go on to become librarians or subject specialists. Recent studies show elementary and middle school teacher’s salaries falling the mid fifty thousand dollar ranges.

Why become a teacher, since this job can be one of the most frustrating and complicated jobs today. The demands of being a subject matter expert, maintaining and exceeding curriculum and educational standards, while at the same time keeping motivated and reinventing enthusiasm in the classroom day after day. Here’s why, teachers have this innate ability to transfer their love of learning, using their knowledge of discipline in a classroom environment that creates a desire in the students sitting in those chairs waiting to be taught.

Teachers are sometimes the first gate keepers to opening a world of possibilities for students who may never have believed that it was possible. Teachers become part of the foundation for the next generation of achievers in a multitude of ranges. Building strong relationships with their students using examples of social interchange engage student’s curiosity and make a difference for many about continuing on and doing well with their education.

Why become a teacher because there are students from all walks of life waiting to be taught, looking for the one influence to teach them how to understand, apply, plan and prepare for their lives as continuing students and eventually productive adults. It’s an opportunity to make an impact, not just on the student or the school or even the community, but the world becomes a better place when our students are prepared to address life. Teaching is a lifetime commitment where hours upon hours are spent preparing lessons, motivating students, grading papers and attending to the ever changing educational reforms. At the end of the day, a spark of accomplishments in your students, gives a sense of a job well done.

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The Steps of How to Improve Reading Comprehension in Children

First of all, something which one has to be aware of is the fact that, phonemic awareness and phonological awareness which then leads to phonics is a crucial point in reading, spelling and writing skills for ANY child. When those types of methods of teaching are applied from an early stage, it is more likely that the child will progress accordingly. When you then move on how to improve reading comprehension in children, it is essential to understand the importance of decoding.

Decoding is an important skill in readiness. Once the child can ‘break the code’, the learner can begin to understand what message the print is giving. Breaking the code is when the child starts to decode. Understanding what the message is given is decoding itself. These 2 words refer to a very important part of any reading level. If the child can’t decode the words easily, he can’t begin to understand and comprehend.

How to improve reading comprehension in children? The answer would be to help the child decode faster. The faster this happens, the more energy the child has to use for comprehension of the given text. If an adult takes time to read a difficult sentence, he will also experience lack of energy to comprehend what the sentence is actually “saying”. One can find himself having to re-read the sentence once he manages to break the code so as to put more energy into comprehending the sentence rather than just ‘breaking the code’.

With ‘breaking the code’, I am referring to matching written symbols to a sound. This is grapheme-phoneme correspondence. The faster it happens, the easier it is for the child to understand. Then, how to improve reading comprehension in children who are finding a problem with decoding? First, you would assess the child and learn what he is having difficulty with the most. Pin-point the exact graphemes which are giving him trouble and he is still not confident when matching those symbols with a sound, thus, making it more difficult for him to ‘break the code’ at a fast pace. When you have this information, use it to introduce him to sounds, which is Phonological Awareness.

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